The battle draws near. At midnight,

one way or another, our world will change forever. Will we live to see it, or will we fall to the might of the Storm?


Dawnstone follows the heroes and leaders of the free peoples of Iriya on the night before the battle that will decide the fate of their world. These final, desperate hours, with tensions and passions running high, might be their last chance to uncover their greatest lies and bare their secret loves,

for even if the war is won they know they cannot all hope to survive.

Dawnstone is a 24 hour full costume fantasy larp, held against the backdrop of a beautiful

church in Bedford, England. There will be one run in 2019, on the 7h-8th September.


 Our world was not always as it is now, teetering on the edge of ruin, clinging in fragile hope to the last bastion of free civilisation. But when the Storm rolled through the lands, everything changed..

 Dawnstone is a fully collaborative experience, without secrets, combat, or pre-written plot. Each participant is equally vital to creating the best possible story and most inclusive play culture for everyone, using a simple set of shared meta tools designed to do exactly that.


 Will you be an exiled queen? A mighty general. ? A simple village lad who unwittingly became a hero? With Dawnstone's round robin character creation method, you decide the basics of your character, then your fellow players help you add flesh to the bones through backstory and relationships.

 The larp starts on Saturday afternoon with a few hours of plain clothes workshopping, worldbuilding, and character fine tuning. Then we'll get into costume and get into character for the last night of the world as we know it. On Sunday morning, we'll have epilogues and debriefs..


 Date: Sat 7th - Sun 8th September, 2019

Plus, optionally stay the Friday night

Location: The Chellington Centre, Bedford

A Facebook group will enable players

to coordinate transport

Price: £90 per person, including food

3x concession tickets for £45

£20 for the additional night

Language: English

Age: 18+

Participants: 26


Fill out the sign up form by midnight on Friday 10th May. If there are more sign ups than player spaces, we'll run a simple lottery.

Like the sound of the larp, but can’t make it? This event is based on the game "Before the Storm" from Seven Wonders - A Story Games Anthology published by Pelgrane Press. This beautiful book contains seven games from different designers, covering the spectrum from tabletop to larp, from post-Narnia counselling to the edge of a black hole in deep space.


Find out more about Seven Wonders at Pelgrane Press